Eros commented on this article with the following online feedback:

You can’t solve a problem like this from the same level of consciousness or awareness that the problem came from. The two issues are alcohol and violence. Working on the alcohol level by trying to regulate supply is fraught with difficulty. If people can’t buy it from a pub or a club they can get it elsewhere and the problem gets pushed further afield. Trying to educate young people about violence and making harsher penalties for violent behaviour doesn’t stop emotional flare-ups at 2am. You need to elevate awareness by introducing a third element. Legalising cannabis and allowing it to be sold under the same conditions as alcohol would do more to lower alcohol-fuelled violence than any social program the government could come up with. The millennium celebrations on the shores of Sydney Harbour, where a million people massed and according to police imbibed copious amounts of cannabis and Ecstasy, recorded almost no violence at all. If the ACT government can legalise gay marriage, they can legalise marijuana as well.