There have been a number of scams popping up recently around the market for “legal highs”. The Eros Association warned members earlier in the year about a fake Northern Lights online seller who had setup, was taking money for orders and not delivering them. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission recently published a report which found that scams have taken at least $90 million from Australian consumers in 2013 alone. The ABC published a news report detailing the ten most commonly reported scams in Australia. Many of the online-based synthetic scams insist on large sums of money being paid up-front, before any product is delivered. After depositing money, the trail often gets twisted, with claims that product has been sent or claims of ‘difficulties’ somewhere along the line or something of that nature.


The website has recently been brought to our attention. There are allegations that they have accepted payment without delivering product.  It appears that thr33bagzfull is linked to another website,, a barely finished website that looks to have hardly been edited from the template.

The Eros Association recommend only buying product from trusted sources in order to avoid being scammed. If you suspect that someone who has contacted you, or a company that you have come across might be a bit dodgy, please let us know so that we can investigate.


It is easy enough for someone to present themselves as if they are professional. This is one skillset that a scammer must master in order to fool people and gain their trust without actually doing what they say they do. Be especially vigilant if you receive unsolicited marketing material, especially if it sounds too good to be true.


Please send any marketing material you receive regarding an apparent ‘legal high’ business that is operating in Australia or delivering to Australia to