1 August 2014

The world is experiencing a fascination with ultra realistic silicone ‘dolls’ and adult body parts. This weekend Sexpo will showcase some of the newest products to be manufactured in Australia.

Box office films like Lars and the Real Girl, Love Object and Guys and Dolls have recently revealed the extraordinary life-like qualities of modern silicone dolls. For $6,000 men and women can purchase a life-like doll with anatomically correct parts and engage in sex or even have a relationship with them.

Women in the US are now buying incredibly life-like silicone babies for up to $4,000 called ‘re-born babies’. They are being purchased for multiple reasons including grieving couples who may have lost a child and by women who are post-menopausal with no children of their own.

The development of extraordinarily life-like silicon masturbation devices has expanded beyond belief over the last couple of years and Australia now has its first producer who will be exhibiting at this weekend’s Sydney Sexpo.

Although the masturbators are purchased by men from all walks of life they are also ideal for the mentally and physically handicapped who often find it hard to create sexual opportunities with women and who are often hamstrung with religious or moralistic carers.

Michael Ruttner is the creator of the ‘Spider’ range of silicone masturbators – so called because they have a built in suction cup to allow the user to simulate any possible sexual position –hands free. “We’re proud to reveal the first line of celebrity vaginas with three of Australia’s best known pornstars lending their signature labias to the product”, he said. “Madison Messina, Sam Rose and Lucy Bee have all worked with us to create the most anatomically correct product both inside and out.”

Madison is also a qualified sex therapist who is passionate about sexual health. She is the founder of the Safe Sex is Sexy campaign which promotes safe sex to the younger generation and advocates ‘performers choice’ for condom use in porn.

Mr Ruttner said that he was surprised at how popular some of the products had been in the lesbian community with many older lesbians, who have been without partners for a while, reporting good feedback with the tactile and life-like feel of the products.

Spider is at stall 119 at Sexpo and all the labia models will be there to sign their spiders. They usually sell for $150 but at the show will be discounted to $120.

Michael Ruttner: 0403 038 799

Fantasy Doll stand at Sydney Sexpo

Fantasy Doll stand at Sydney Sexpo