Bodcare is a world-class range of all-natural, exotic personal products designed and manufactured in Australia. Delivering high-quality products designed for those conscious consumers who want a stylish, high efficacy product that’s kind to their skin, and to the environment. Their commitment to all-natural ingredients delivers the heart of our quality driven, Australian made products.

CARESS is a high quality sexual pleasure gel for women, specially designed to intensify sexual experience and enjoyment. Quick acting and luxuriously smooth. You will love what it does for you, it starts with a touch!

PRIMAL is a super-charged male virility cream. Designed to intensify the sexual experience. Primal unleashes a pure animalistic punch you can really feel – unlike anything else. Natural plant extracts work directly on the penile tissue to create a deep erotic sensation that is sexually charged!

UP OIL is a premium natural, male virility oil specially designed to intensify masculine enjoyment. Used as a daily application in the morning, it has an accumulative effect so when you’re ready to be called on intimately, you are ready and more responsive as well as being harder and fuller.

ENDGEL is a sensual anal gel with comfort and increased pleasure as its top priority. It’s fun, instantly absorbed and quick acting. The lasting, deeply erotic sensation will leave you sensually charged and ready for action. Top to bottom you both be having the time of your lives!!

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