Swedish luxury intimate lifestyle brand LELO has just successfully launched the first innovation in condoms in over 70 years – HEX™, after a two-month “HEX Appeal” project that aimed to “revolutionize the world of condoms for good.” The campaign raised more than $1 million with over 600,000 condoms sold and support from over 30,000 backers from around the world.

Calvista are the exclusive distribution partners of LELO and are pleased to announce HEX will be available across Australia and New Zealand.

Inspired by the properties of Graphene (the strongest and thinnest structure known to science), LELO HEX™ is structurally different from other condoms on the market and it aims to address the most common complaints people have with condoms — they slip, reduce pleasure and break too easily. The condom is integrated with 350 individual HEX-agons through its ultra-thin latex surface to help it perform different from other condoms today. The design choice allows HEX to mould to the uniqueness of the wearer and reduce the chance of slippage. But the real innovation comes in terms of safety, with each hexagonal cell having the ability to contain any potential tears.

HEX™ has the real potential of changing condom perception and usage for good, having a direct impact on the STI epidemic and impacting for the better, on the lives of millions.

The launch of LELO HEX™ reached billions, becoming one of the first condoms that truly spoke to a mainstream audience says Managing Director Ealden Tucker and in doing so, LELO’s message of sexual health and healthy sexual expression established a new standard in the industry and beyond.

“LELO has taken another step forward with the launch of the world’s first re-engineered condom, and Calvista is excited to exclusively distribute HEX to our Australian and New Zealand retail partners” says General Manager Roger Sheldon-Collins. “This innovative design has revolutionized the existing market and HEX will gain acceptance and market share with our retail partners”.

Retailers interested in stocking HEX or the LELO range can contact Calvista at sales@calvista.com.au