You heard it right, phallic fashion or intimate apparel for men, is the latest fashion concept to hit the streets (and sheets).

Today LELO is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of its first foray into men’s intimate eveningwear, TUX™, and coverage of this head-turning look is still going strong.

After receiving mentions from Mashable, GQ, Huffington Post and other top media, on the 15th January, Luciana Littizzetto, Italian comedian and TV/radio host, took a moment to speak about TUX™ during an episode of CHE TEMPO CHE FA. One of the most famous Italian-language TV programs airing, the show is hosted by Fabio Fazio, broadcasted on RAI 3 in the early evening and averages an audience of 3,434,000 viewers per episode.

Luciana Littizzetto joked: ”It’s an apparel you can use for New Years Eve or to present your ‘friend’ to the society.”

Here’s the original video from Italian television RAI:—Che-tempo-che-fa-del-15012017-9786baf1-62bf-4bac-99f2-c1604e60d01b.html  (from minute 18:30)

TUX™ creates a common ground between partners in a totally unexpected and unusual way. By making a dent in the seriousness of sex, LELO hopes to encourage couples to more openly share their fantasies and desires.

Dr. Zhana, one of the most respected sex researchers, writers and educators in the US, recognizes the importance of fantasy sharing between couples.

unnamed (1)“Fantasy feeds the mind and stretches our understanding of the world,” says Dr. Zhana. “Imagination and the ability to play are essential to great sex! While many think of sex as a predominantly physical activity, the key to good sex isn’t just mastery of physical moves but understanding of the emotional and intellectual elements that make a particular partner tick.”

Those intellectual elements can include humor and mischievousness, and in that way, a product like TUX™ can provide a conduit into fantasy and enhanced intimacy.

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