Firefly 2 reaches 200° C in 3 seconds at the touch of your fingertips. Its completely unique “dynamic convection” heating technology uses 55 laser-drilled micro jets of superheated air to deliver rich, thick vapor on demand. Because the contents are only heated during inhalation, users enjoy all the flavors and active ingredients of their favorite plants or concentrates the very moment they are released. Made from aerospace-grade materials, it’s 55% lighter and 33% smaller than it’s predecessor.

Thendro are a leading wholesaler in Australia with exclusivity to Waterfall Australia, Pourite, PAX and Firefly Vaporizers, Chewey Grinders and OZ Herbal products.

With over 30 years in the industry, 31 stores (and growing) across Australia, our well-known brands are among  the leaders in the market.

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