• Membership
    Eros provides a range of business services to our membership including:
  • Legislative
    A range of laws affect the adults-only industry, varying between local, state and federal jurisdictions. Eros staff can provide general advice about current laws as well as update members when changes in legislation occurs.
  • Customs
    Customs issues are a stalling point for many adult businesses. The Eros approved protocol ensures that Eros Members take necessary steps to minimise the possibility of objectionable material being imported.
  • Media relations
    Advice to members on how to deal with negative media, assistance with media releases and media liaison.
  • Eros member directory
    An online directory of Eros members available to the public and printed in each edition of the Eros Industry Journal.
  • Eros holographic sticker program
    For approved products that are compliant with legislation and the Eros Code of Practice.
  • Affiliate Partners
    Access to a range of allied industry partners.
  • Advocacy
    Eros provides liaison services between members and local, state and federal governments, including preparing submissions and lobbying for changes to policy and law reform.
  • Members only
    Access to member’s only articles on the Eros website, discounted rates on advertising in the Eros Industry Journal, discounted tickets to Annual Industry Conference, and Education and Networking Events.

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