The Hon Michael Keenan MP
Minister for Justice


27 August 2014

Appointment of three members of the Classification Board

Today I announce the appointment of Alison Bickerstaff, Ron Delezio and Jarrah Rushton as new members of the Classification Board for a three year term.

The new members replace members whose terms have expired.

The Classification Board is charged with classifying films, computer games and some publications before they can legally be made available to Australians.

Members of the Classification Board are broadly representative of the Australian community.

Board members make decisions so that people can make informed choices about what they, or those in their care, view or read or play.

Ms Bickerstaff from Port Stephens New South Wales is a hairdresser and a former proprietor of salons. Ms Bickerstaff is actively involved in the local community through her children’s school and sporting commitments.

Mr Delezio from Sydney is a noted public speaker and founder of the charity Day of Difference Foundation, which raises funds to assist children’s hospitals across Australia. Mr Delezio was awarded the 2006 Australian Father of the Year and New South Wales Citizen of the Year.

Mr Rushton from Perth is a Sales and Team Manager for a distribution company in Western Australia. Mr Rushton is an active participant in various community organisations promoting the sport of skateboarding, and the installation of skating facilities as a community resource.

These appointees are from diverse backgrounds and I am confident they will assist the Board to continue to provide consumers – especially parents – with information on suitable entertainment choices.

Further information about the Classification Board can be found at