Almost every week, Eros has had a phone call from someone in the industry wanting to read or advertise in the Eros Journal. It’s been 10 years since we published it! People still fondly remember the Eros Journal as a very polished little performer so in that same tradition we are pleased to announce a resumption in Eros publishing, with a very fancy Year Book or Annual, called The Eros Bible. And no, it won’t have an old and new Testament but it will have plenty of new product information, industry facts and figures and updates on Eros campaigns. It might even have a column from a famous politician! Published to the same high standard as the Eros Journal, the Bible will be bigger and fatter. More spaces to advertise and more space to be informed. The Bible will be sent to all Eros members and all adults-only retailers in Australia and then some.


Eros members, adult retailers, tobacconists, tattoo parlours, head shops, wholesales and distributors to adults-only businesses.

Contact to secure the placement of your advertisement
Joel Murray | Business Manager | +61 402 690 488
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