Our Largest Ever Donation – $121,000!

Since the 1991 election campaign in the ACT, Eros has been collecting funds and lobbying political parties at election time.

Many of you will remember the famous $10,000 adult industry donation to the ACT ALP in the 1989 election, that caused Resident’s Rally leader and Deputy Chief Minister, Bernard Colleary, to jump ship and hand government to the Liberals. Colleary then worked with Eros to allow the restricted sale of X rated films rather than a ban.

So with a Victorian election looming and the chance to have an influence on the outcome, Eros is putting together a war chest. Getting Fiona elected in this election is a real possibility and we’re asking all our members to dig deep and get our President elected into the parliament. The outcomes for free speech, civil liberties and the adult industry in general, would be transformational.

We will update all the donations we have received in the next edition of the Eros E News but we are incredibly grateful to HGC/Sexpo/ClubX for their stunning $121,000 donation to the election. This donation to Eros’ political campaigning will allow us to do many things but remember that right wing parties like Family First will have budgets of over half a million and the Greens will spend millions on this campaign.

Help us to make a difference here and promote Fiona far and wide.