Two men who were rugby tackled outside a Sexyland store in Keysborough have been convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to nearly 6 years jail between them.
A group of males sitting in a car at red traffic lights noticed something was wrong when they spotted 2 males running out of a Sexyland store with covered faces carrying large knives. Abandoning their car on the road the group ran towards the men tackling them to the ground before the robbers took off around the corner dropping most of their loot on the way. Police and Police dogs later tracked the offenders down to a nearby location and charged them with a number of offences resulting in a conviction and sentences of 3 years 3months and 2 years 6months respectively.
Sexyland staff and management are thankful to the good Samaritans for their brave act and of course to the Police for their excellent work in placing these criminals behind bars.
The robbery was part of a spate of armed holdups around the Sexyland stores around that time and staff are extremely relieved to see an end to them.