01 April 2015: Queensland drug raids pave the way for organised crime

Nineteen adult and herbal stores were raided across Queensland during a synchronised police operation yesterday. Many of the stores are members of the Eros Association, an industry body that has long argued for regulation.

Eros Association spokesperson Nick Wallis said the raids were futile and would likely end up with no prosecutions. However he said the increased police activity in the self-regulated marketplace was making legal traders less likely to continue trading while crime gangs were finding the increased police presence more to their style.
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22 January 2015: Mark McGowan’s Drugs Moment

Australia’s adults-only association has labeled WA Opposition leader, Mark McGowan’s call to ‘illegalise’ all synthetic cannabinoid substances, as the dumbest moment ever in the development of W.A. drug policy.

Eros Association CEO, Robbie Swan, said all synthetic cannabinomimetics (substances that mimic cannabis) had already been banned in WA in July 2011, following a request by the WA State Drugs and Poisons Unit to the Therapeutic Drugs Administration (TGA). Because the W.A. Misuse of Drugs Act is linked to TGA changes, all cannabinomimetics have been automatically banned in WA since.

“Mr McGowan’s comments reflect the fact that most politicians are not interested in stopping the flow of dangerous drugs into the community”, Mr Swan said. “As long as they appear to be ‘tough on drugs’ and can use the issue to get re elected they don’t even bother to read the literature or try to understand the complexity of the problem”.

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16 January 2015: Queensland Laws Fuel Chemical Arms Race

Australia’s adults-only association has called on Queensland police to quickly establish whether the use of synthetic cannabinoids was responsible for the deaths of two Queensland men yesterday or whether there were other factors involved. Eros Social Tonics Coordinator, Nick Wallis said that media conjecture on the circumstantial evidence that was available, was not sufficient to establish a cause and effect situation.

“The Eros Association extends its condolences to the friends and family of the two men who were found dead on Wednesday but only an autopsy and a chemical analysis of drugs found at the scene will reveal the truth. No one should die from using a product they thought would get them high but there may well be other factors here aside from self-medication”, he said.

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1 August 2014: Sexpo Opens with Show of Anatomically Correct and Artistic Love Pieces

The world is experiencing a fascination with ultra realistic silicone ‘dolls’ and adult body parts. This weekend Sexpo will showcase some of the newest products to be manufactured in Australia.

Box office films like Lars and the Real Girl, Love Object and Guys and Dolls have recently revealed the extraordinary life-like qualities of modern silicone dolls. For $6,000 men and women can purchase a life-like doll with anatomically correct parts and engage in sex or even have a relationship with them.




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6 July 2014: New Federal Drug Laws Kick Start Australian Drug Production

Today’s announcement by the Federal Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan, that all new psychoactive substances (NPS) will be prohibited from import unless importers can prove they have a legitimate use, will see the creation of hundreds of mobile drug labs and secret production houses start up around the country.

New Federal Drug Laws




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2 July 2014: Synergy Magazine Australia – Issue 2 Out Now!

Synergy is an adult retail trade only journal designed for Australian, New Zealand and South East Asian adult pleasure product personnel to keep them abreast of industry news, issues, and new and existing products and brands.





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13 June 2014: Queensland Politicians Uninterested in the Sex Lives of Voters

Despite sending invitations to all 89 Queensland MPs to attend this weekend’s first Gold Coast Sexpo, not one politician has accepted. Eros Association CEO, Fiona Patten, said that the political ‘boycott’ of Sexpo would be strongly offset by the tens of thousands of ordinary Queenslanders who would attend the show over the next few days.

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27th February 2014: New Zealand Drug Regulation Leaves Australia For Dead
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1st December 2013: ‘Tough on Drugs’ Policy Failure Causes Further Hospital Admissions
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23rd July, 2013: First Australian Survey of the Availability and Use of Legal Highs
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15th July 2013: Historic New Zealand Drug Laws enacted
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19th June 2013: Synthetics Industry Welcomes Customs Minister Plan
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18th June 2013: National Ban on Synthetics Shrouded in Secrecy
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18th June 2013: Synthetics Industry Welcomes Customs Minister Plan
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11th June 2013: Minister’s drug bans send millions into black market
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21st January 2013: Sexpo wins Eros’ Progressive Business Award at XBIZ Awards 2013
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7th December 2012: New Director of the Classification Board
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6th December 2012: Sensuous nominated for TWO 2013 XBIZ Awards
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1st November 2012: SEXPO brought to you by Intensity by Jopen
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31st October 2012: Sensuous sign China distribution deal with Cupido
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16th October 2012: Naked Passions wins Calvista Adultex12 Passport Prize
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2nd October 2012: Launch of the Australian Adult Expo at Sexpo
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25th September 2012: All new Sexyland website
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13th September 2012: Computer game and erotic novels boost adult retailing
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13th September 2012: Adult stars come out to play when the Eros Shine Awards returns
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10th September 2012: Partnership opportunities open for Eros Shine Awards
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2nd August 2012: Calvista ties down exclusive distributions rights to Fifty Shades of Grey: A XXX Adaption
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