Marky had a heart attack on board the Sea Princess on 18th February, where he was holidaying with his family and great mate, Robbie Yeo, and was airlifted to Noumea.

We couldn’t find him for 24 hours after calling all of the hospitals in Noumea and speaking my finest French!  He finally called Phil, his gorgeous partner, the next day so we knew where he was.  The Noumea Hospital had operated on Mark and he was in Intensive Care.

I flew to Noumea on Friday 20th February as Marky was on his own in a foreign speaking hospital and needed support.  After an extremely challenging 5 days in the horror of Gaston Bourett Hospital, I finally got Marky out of that hell hole, back to my hotel to rest up for a few days, where I organized his travel insurance company to organize flights home, accompanied by a French doctor and finally to St John of God Hospital in Perth late Friday 27th February.

He was released from hospital on Saturday 28th February and is awaiting the test results back from Noumea as to whether he will need some further surgery.

Marky is on the mend, slowly but still anxious about whether ongoing surgery is required.  Facebook has been a great source of getting information out to his family and friends and I must say, the people in our industry were amazing with sending well wishes to Marky, which I showed him each and every day in the hospital.

We are so lucky to have our Marky on the mend.
Suzy Humphreys