Eros’ very own graphic designer and artist Ilia Chidzey inadvertently found herself in a censorship war zone last week when she attempted to promote a nude artwork as a giveaway through Facebook. Her chosen target audience was: Australians over the age of 18 with an interest in art and design. A seemingly innocent painting of a nude from behind by artist and grandma, Nanette Clifton was initially accused of ‘promoting the sale or use of adult products or services, including toys, videos, publications, live shows or sexual enhancement products’. When Ilia pointed out that this was clearly not the case, Facebook responded by suggesting ‘Ads may not use overly sexual images, suggest nudity, show a lot of skin or cleavage, or focus unnecessarily on specific body parts.

Which of course made her wonder why a company that does not pay tax in Australia believes it should be the ‘decency’ nanny on behalf of the Australian public. The standover tactics exhibited by this morality bully generated a strong reaction from the public when aired on Sunrise Program and in the printed media. Dubbed Bumgate, the incident has aroused some keen interest – is this the thin end of the censorship wedge?

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Nude by Nanette Clifton

The offensive nude painted by Nanette Clifton