The Worlds first ‘Guybrator’ was featured in the Daily Mirror in the UK. The Pulse by Hot Octopuss is the next generation of sex toy for both men and women. The technology in the Pulse Solo and Duo is known as Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS), a medical method that can help men with spinal injuries ejaculate. Hot Octopuss is championing #sexnotstigma, changing perceptions of how sex is viewing and talked about.

Adam Lewis – Creator of the Pulse added: “There is often a taboo around talking about wanting or liking sex if you are older, or disabled, or if you just don’t fit the ‘sexy’ stereotype in some way. For a long time the depiction of men as users of sex toys has been seedy or perverted, and has prevented them from being able to have an honest dialogue, despite women talking openly about using toys for years. We want to start a conversation that acknowledges that everyone should be able to talk openly about what they want in bed.”

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