Salon De Venus was founded in 2012, the brainchild of Garrick Charter. Wishing to bring a slice of celebrated European erotic culture to Australia, following the success of Coco De Mer, Kiki Di Montparnasse and many others, Garrick founded Australia’s answer to a legendary luxury erotic online emporium.

Salon De Venus aim to create an inspired and celebrated place of sexual liberation, love and passion in a mission to ensure a little decadence and excess is encouraged!

Our online boutique has set out to stock only the highest quality, most luxurious, decadent sexual and fashionable products on offer worldwide. We set out to offer a place sexual desires are safely celebrated without judgement or dissuasion.

Salon De Venus’ name was inspired threefold. Initially, as a tribute to the Roman goddess who represented beauty, sex and fertility. Secondly, the Salon De Venus is a grand room in the grand appartement du roi of the Palace of Versailles, to indulge guests in luxurious surrounds, design and food. Thematically, it served to inspire an attitude of decadence and fulfilment. Thirdly, the name is also inspired by the owner’s muse, Australia’s “Dark Princess of Burlesque,” Venus Vamp.

We at Salon De Venus hope you’ll enjoy shopping and indulging yourself or your partner with us!