The download below provides details of a very exciting new collection that we have launched to support the 50 Shades of Grey film. Aptly named The Red Room Collection by JO, these gift sets have something for every customer. Each gift set is built around a signature JO® product and paired with a luxury accessory for fantasy role play.

The three main gift sets also includes a 24 page book and lover’s contract (same quality as our JO and DONA catalogues) – providing couples with playful yet sensual tips and suggestions – a true value added item that is unlike any other product in the marketplace! The gift sets are designed to attract JO buyers as well as those who are familiar with the “Red Room” in 50 Shades and are looking for this type of experience – and if they don’t already buy JO, potential new consumers.

The collection is available as a pre-pack and comes with a corrugate display – as shown on the last page (*may vary a little). Although we have assigned item codes and UPC’s to individual products – for ordering purposes there is only one code: 40470. The contents of each kit are listed in the catalogue and on the price list – but if you need any clarification please contact our sales team at any time, they will be happy to assist.

Items cannot be ordered individually. Please see the attachment a break down on items included. This is a limited edition only, dont miss out!

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