The Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine is delighted to announce our third conference in Parramatta, Sydney, 2nd – 3rd October, 2015.

This year we have three keynote speakers, Dr Rosie King, Dr Michael Lowy and Dr Marcus Squirrell.

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The Australasian Institute of Sexual Health Medicine (AISHM) is a cutting edge integrated clinic dedicated to providing 21st century sexual health medicine, sex therapy, relationship counselling, sexual health research and education throughout the Australasian region. AISHM offers sex therapy and relationship counselling for those who require an integrated and dedicated service.

  • Arousal Disorders including Erectile Dysfunction (difficulties and achieving and maintaining an erection)
  • Ejaculation Problems (premature, retarded or retrograde ejaculation as well as painful orgasm/ejaculation)
  • Desire Disorders (including mismatched libido, aversion and hypoactive desire)
  • Sexual Abuse/Assault
  • STIs
  • Gender Issues
  • Sexual Identity (cross dressing)
  • Sexual Addiction/Compulsion, fetishes, paraphilia (pornography, voyeurism, exhibitionism)
  • Relationship/Love Addiction
  • Partners of Sex Addicts
  • Partners of People with Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Effects of Ageing
  • Pregnancy and its Implications
  • Parenting and Sexuality
  • Teenage Sexuality
  • Sex Industry
  • Disability and Illness including Prostrate Health and Cancer
  • Difficulties with alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs etc
  • Relationship Issues including Communication, Affairs and Re-partnering
  • Cultural and Religious Pressures
  • Body Image (self-esteem and the effects of obesity/eating disorders on sexual expression)
  • Information and Education Issues
  • Any other sexual concerns

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