Eros members all received a special email last week outlining a new Eros member’s app that we had developed. We’ve run the story again on this e news just incase you missed it. Basically it is an integral part of a new scheme we have developed to keep the Classification Board’s ‘porn police’ from entering our member’s shops.

But the app also serves another purpose. It will advertise your business in a way that no other marketing tool can do.
As far as we are aware, it is the first and only adult shop marketing and promotion app in Australia – and it could bring extra customers in your shop. Imagine someone new to your town who books into a motel and they want to buy a vibrator and some lube and maybe even a DVD. They simply whip out their mobile phone, open the app, put in their location and the app tells them the nearest Eros member adult stores. At the moment we do not have the resources to post specials and limited product offers but as Eros grows this may become a possibility in the future. If you want to jazz your listing up a bit you can submit more information, a logo and a photo, by sending them to Eros membership manager, Joel Murray at or calling the office for more details.

You can see the app here