There are less than two weeks to go until Vince Van Heerden of Western Australia’s Heavenly Vapours launches his appeal against the decision to ban e-cigarettes.
Vince needs your support, whether financially to help cover legal costs or through awareness. Check out the GoFundMe page for details on the campaign.

The Queensland state government is looking to regulate e-cigarettes in the same way that tobacco products are regulated. The Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 will make Queensland the first state in Australia to give equal regulatory footing to vaporisers and tobacco products. In Western Australia, Heavenly Vapours was found to be supplying a product that resembles a tobacco product, but isn’t one. This wording is in tobacco controls legislation in WA, Queensland and South Australia, meaning that this decision would likely affect vaporisers in all three states. Vince’s appeal is important in ensuring that this decision does not stick and create precedent in other states and territories.

Queensland have picked up on the error of this wording in their legislation and will specifically amend their section on supply of objects resembling tobacco products to exclude vaporisers.

Western Australia should be heading this way. Help Vince Van Heerden with his appeal against the WA decision.