Ask any digital marketing company Melbourne based or beyond what it takes to make good content and everyone will have their own secret twist. Good content should be original after all and no magician should reveal all their secrets, so we’ve put together what we know to be the foundations of good content.

Firstly, what’s good?

By a standard definition “the concept of good denotes the conduct that should be preferred when posed with a choice between possible actions”. So ultimately for your content to be deemed good, you want your consumers to  prefer and choose it over whatever your competitors are dishing out.

So if the end goal is positive engagement, having good quality, good purpose, and good strength across your ideas, creation, and distribution of content is paramount. Content that exists purely because you SHOULD be making and posting content is nothing but waste, clogging up the digital marketing world and so many people’s feeds.

Before any campaign ask yourself and clearly define: What is the purpose of making this content? Am I educating, informing, engaging, or even just entertaining, there is no right or wrong here, the only fault is failing to define this purpose. Next how am i going to make it of a certain quality? Whether this involves upskilling, outsourcing, hiring, dedicating more time, or just changing a current approach, decide this early on and don’t overlook it, even the best messages will go unheard if the quality of the broadcast is terrible. Lastly, strength. Find out exactly where yours lies. Once you tap into your strength as a business, or content creator, your ideas and outcomes will naturally carry this same strength.

Supply the demand or demand the supply

Now you know the purpose of your campaign figure out who you’re marketing to and why. Research the demand in the market that you’re trying to supply to via your content. If you can tap into a need in the market your content is already 50% more desirable. Concentrating on market supply and demands also keeps your sense of purpose at the forefront of your efforts. The internet and social media especially know that nothing is set in stone, trends rise and fall in seconds so never be too scared to go with that flow. Always keep a finger on the pulse and move with your market. If the demand is lacking but you know you’re sitting on gold, your content is the tool to create demand. Use your marketing and digital presence to create your niche if you can’t find it already.

Meet in the middle

No more in your face, down your throats hard selling. These days, more often than not your consumers just want to be met in the middle. Social media platforms have come a long way since we were introduced to them and our relationship with them has inevitably evolved too. People are looking for content that fits into their feed, an account they actually want to follow and keep up with, rather than one that is churning out mindless copy or content with out of date tactics. The trick is that there isn’t one. No gimmicks or tricks anymore, just appeal to your customers and their lifestyles. Acknowledge them as a whole being with interests outside of just consuming your product or service. Think about how else you can connect with consumers, this will only foster more genuine content and authentic engagement.

Try to stop trying not to try

Your followers can tell when you’re trying too hard. On the same note, they can tell when you’re trying even harder to look like you’re not even trying at all. This point is short and sweet because it’s simple. You should always be putting time and effort into your content and marketing, work hard, but don’t try hard. Find your own voice, your own tone and you won’t have to try as hard. Originality and authenticity is always rewarded.


Last but not least, the most simple tactic of all. Balance. Whatever you’re doing keep balance in the back of your mind. In the design process, the research, the distribution, everything. It’s one thing to have all these tactics in play but if you don’t focus on them equally your content wont hit a bullseye.

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