On Monday, the Eros Association, Australia’s adults-only industry association, launched the first ‘Adult Biz Week’ highlighting some of the major issues impacting the Australian Adult Industry.

A launch video posted on Eros’ social media highlights the discrimination faced by the adult industry from the outdated 1995 Classification Act. Despite recommendations for reform in 2012, nothing has changed.

Outdated and conservative laws around sex and how we consume sexual content are stifling not only the adult industry, but society as a whole. In the age of the internet, we need laws that recognise how we access adults-only goods and services.

“It’s time we had a frank and honest conversation about Australia’s adult media laws” notes Eros’ General Manager, Rachel Payne.

The prohibition and censorship of adults-only goods and services must end. “At the moment, things like pornography are completely banned throughout most parts of Australia. I’m sure the general public would find that ridiculous.” notes Eros’ Policy and Campaigns Advisor, Jarryd Bartle.