As Australia’s only adult industry association, Eros campaigns for a responsible and non-discriminatory legal framework for adults-only businesses. Some of our key industry-focused campaigns include:

  • Ending discrimination against the adult industry by financial service providers.
  • Advocating for the inclusion of adults-only businesses within wage subsidy and employment schemes.
  • Campaigning for minimum effective regulation of adults-only businesses including the cutting of unnecessary red tape.
  • Fighting against unnecessary bans or restrictions placed on adult goods and services including vape products, sex work and adult media.
  • Reducing stigma associated with running a sex-related or age-restricted business, including advocating for greater acceptance of adults-only businesses within the wider business community.
  • Fighting against anti-competitive practices by illegal or unethical operators attempting to dominate the adults-only market and bring the industry into disrepute.

If you are interested in supporting any of Eros’ industry campaigns, please consider joining as a member.