Become a member of the national adults-only industry association today, and support the growth and well-being of your industry, the people that work in it, and the communities we are part of.


Eros is comprised of the leading adults-only businesses in Australia. Eros members follow Codes of Ethics and Codes of Practice to ensure they are recognised internationally as the best adults-only businesses downunder.


Eros brings together the collective knowledge of the industry to provide you with business advice, compliance information and a huge repository of know-how to help your business thrive.


Eros understands the stigma and discrimination faced by adults-only businesses. That’s why one of our chief goals is to fight against unfair treatment by banks, insurers, law enforcement and government agencies. If you are being unfairly treated because you run an adults-only business, we can help you out!

About the Eros Association

With 25 years experience in providing services and advocacy to adults-only businesses, the Eros Association is Australia’s longest serving adult industry association. Eros is an incorporated, not-for-profit membershipbased organisation.

The core focus of the Eros Association is ensuring members success through a combination of professional representation, education, advocacy and service provision.

Our Mission is to :

  • Secure a responsible and non-discriminatory legal framework for adult businesses to operate within.
  • Provide an on-going and positive public relations campaign for the benefit of the adult industry
  • Support, educate, inform and empower our members.
  • Provide referrals to a wide range of services required by our members, both general and industry specific.

General Member Services – Why become a Member ?

We provide tailored member benefits for different facets of the adult industry. General member benefits include:

  • Affiliate services including connections to industry-friendly insurers, lawyers, financial service providers and industrial relations consultants.
  • Business advice including legal compliance information, how to deal with banks, employment advice, online retail and utilising effective marketing campaigns and social media.
  • Individual advocacy services including media relations, government consultation, law enforcement and dispute resolution advice regarding banks, employees or allied services.
  • Social networking opportunities including events and direct contact to leaders within the industry.
  • Marketing and promotion opportunities through the Eros Newsletter and the opportunity to advertise and provide articles for the New Eros Journal.
  • Professionalisation through industry codes of conduct and internal dispute resolution mechanisms.
  • We also provide tailored services for specific industry areas including vape traders, brothel owners, adult entertainment venues and adult retailers.

Eros provides a range of business services to our membership including:

A range of laws affect the adults-only industry, varying between local, state and federal jurisdictions. Eros staff can provide general advice about current laws as well as update members when changes in legislation occurs.

Customs issues are a stalling point for many adult businesses. The Eros approved protocol ensures that Eros Members take necessary steps to minimise the possibility of objectionable material being imported.

Media relations
Advice to members on how to deal with negative media, assistance with media releases and media liaison.

Eros member directory
An online directory of Eros members available to the public and printed in each edition of the Eros Industry Journal.

Eros holographic sticker program
For approved products that are compliant with legislation and the Eros Code of Practice.

Affiliate Partners
Access to a range of allied industry partners.

Eros provides liaison services between members and local, state and federal governments, including preparing submissions and lobbying for changes to policy and law reform.

Members only
Access to member’s only articles on the Eros website, discounted rates on advertising in the Eros Industry Journal, discounted tickets to Annual Industry Conference, and Education and Networking Events.

Contact us today to discuss the best membership package for your adults-only business.

There are different levels of membership depending on what type of adults-only business you operate:


Small Adult Retail Store: $770/store/year OR $195/quarter (Up to 150 sq. metres)

Medium Adult Retail Store: $880/store/year OR $220/quarter (150-250 sq. metres)

Large Adult Retail Store: $990/store/year OR $250/quarter (250-350 sq. metres)

Emporium/Mega Store: $1,320/store/year OR $330/quarter (350+ sq. metres)

Vape Traders / Tattoo Parlours / Piercing Parlours / Tobacconist: $440/year.


Introductory Wholesaler Adult Toys (1st Year): $1,320/year OR $330/quarter

Wholesalers: POA

Single-product wholesaler: $770/year (minimum).


Online Retailer / Adult Website / Adult Media Producers  : $770/website/year OR $195/Quarter

Performer: $440/year


Licensed Brothels & Escort Agencies : $1,320/year OR $330/quarter

Sex on Premises Venue (SOPV) : $440/year/venue.

Adult Entertainment Venue or Agency : POA

Individual Entertainer / Escort / Sex Educator : $440/year.


Eros Supporter (Individual): $110/year

An Eros Supporter is an individual who is outside of the industry who would like to receive updates via the Eros eNews and The New Eros Journal (Subscription to Eros).

Friends of Eros (Organisation): $220/year

A Friend of Eros is an organisation that may be interested in the adult industry or have interest in our industry for the benefit of our members, however is not directly linked to the industry (Organisational Subscription to Eros).

All memberships are annual, and can be paid annually OR quarterly. Direct payment options (either direct debit or credit card payment) are available, or you can choose to pay on invoice.  Membership fees are tax-deductible.

As per the Rules of the Association, the minimum length of membership is one year. Members are responsible for providing any change of details for membership payments (i.e. update to credit card details etc).

As the national industry association we remain neutral among our members and offer no preferential treatment in regards to the issues we engage in and advocate for, and resources we provide.

There are only two differentiations:

  1. We do offer our members that are sponsors different levels of public visibility on our website, newsletters, and publications such as the New Eros Journal.
  2. All industry-based members have voting rights for the annual election of the organisation’s board of directors. Friends of Eros and Supporter members do not receive voting privileges.