Eros is aware that many aspects of the Australian adult industry are of particular interest to the wider community due to their intersection with progressive campaigns for sex positivity and civil liberties.

As a result, Eros has a series of community-oriented campaigns including:

  • Calling for the legalisation of recreational cannabis within a well-regulated and age-restricted market.
  • Calling for the formal legalisation of adult media (‘pornography’) in Australia, including modifications of classification markers to allow for kink and queer expressions of sexuality.
  • Making the industry more accessible to often overlooked demographics including people living with a disability and older Australians.
  • Calling for the legalisation of nicotine containing vape products to be sold within a retail environment.
  • Engaging with consumers to ‘pay for their porn’ and to support local adult media producers in the creation of unique erotica for the Australian and international market.
  • Reducing the stigma attached to different expressions of sexuality and pleasure, including a firm commitment to celebrating sexual diversity.

If you are interested in supporting any of Eros’ industry campaigns, please consider joining as a member.