On Monday, the Eros Association, Australia’s adults-only industry association, launched the first ‘Adult Biz Week’ highlighting some of the major issues impacting the Australian Adult Industry.

As part of ‘Adult Biz Week’, the Eros Association has launched a video posted on Eros’ social media that highlights the discrimination faced by the adult industry from the government purposefully excluding legal, taxpaying businesses from accessing employment services.

Jarryd Bartle, Eros’ Policy and Campaigns Advisor notes that these laws affect every facet of the adult industry including “Customer service jobs, social media marketing, and warehouse positions.”

These outdated and conservative laws are not just impacting the adult industry, but also vulnerable unemployed Australians in need of a secure job.

“The government would rather these people stay on welfare than gain meaningful long term employment” notes Eros’ General Manager Rachel Payne.